Taste in Germany

All innovation happens at interstices. Great food is no exception, created at the intersection of cultures as one modifies and enhances what is borrowed from its neighbors. Food is a window onto these places, the ancient clash of civilizations, the morden clash of culture, the covert clues to human cognition, society, and evolution. Through the enjoyment journey in Germany you can understand and discover German culture of the food. 

    “Hauptsach Gudd Gess” say the Saarländer. Food plays the main role in the travel. If you want to travel to Germany, you don’t have to worry about the food. There are 8 culinary themes on the enjoyment journey: beer, wine, meat, vegetables, bread time, seafood, dessert and Christmas market. You can understand the German culture or just have fun. That's why I also used the regional dialects in the language and the name of the dishes. So you can see the different sides of Germany with the journey. If you want to bring the card, the card should be folded. The final format should be easily put on the bag. Take the cards and enjoy the trip.


© 2020 by Sih-Ying, Wu

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