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The beauty of typeface

The printing art of Gutenberg had changed the world a lot.

More than gold, it’s lead that changed the world, and more than the lead in a gun, it was the lead in the typesetter’s case. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799) Letter Print give paper a soul. I use two languages, German and Chinese. The font of Latin is Helvetica. The Chinese Font is Song. The lead letters of Chinese made by Ri Xing Type Foundry. The Charming of the letterpress printing is that the lead leave a light impression on the paper. Each letter character is unique. It can’t be found in the new digital printing technic. And I also used the hundred years of printing machine to print two colors. I have to control it manually and print the two colors on the right place. Time proved the value of the letter printing. It can’t be replaced by digital printing.

Printing is forever.

Print Forever

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