The letters are signs with which matter appeals to the mind. - Alphonse de Lamartine 

Sih-Ying, Wu
2018 graduated from the Saarbrücken Art University with a master's degree in communication design. Now I am a graphic designer, work at Design Company in Berlin. I am also a freelance designer.

I won Design awards for photography, eco-bag design, character design, poster design, etc.. Design is a life attitude, it could be simple, actually it's not easy. Do it and have fun.

More about me:

My Professor, Indra Kupferschmid, is a typographer in Germany, writing Buchstaben kommen selten allein, won the most beautiful book award in Germany in 2010, and co-author of the book Helvetica Forever.

Teaching Experience
2014 Taiwan Element School Teacher
2018 Calligraphy Courses  
in Tainan creative PLUS Design Center

2019 Calligraphy Courses in Berlin Design Space

The Course

Basic Font : Antiqua-Grundschrift
Teaching language: Chinese, English, German
During time: two hours

Price: 35 euro
Includes basic tools: calligraphy pen, paper,

and a small book
Free drinks on the class
Number of people: limit 10 people
Payment method: Paypal / Pay on site

Course Content
Introducing the background of the fonts: Fonts historical stories on the archtecture from different time and space.

Latin alphabet infrastructure and proprietary vocabulary

Introduction of the tools, and how to select

Everything starts with a basic stroke, ancient letters

Write sentence : Between letter and letter write calligraphy and finish your calligraphy works

Design Space

Let's Work Together :)

© 2019 by Sih-Ying, Wu

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