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Well, creative ideas come from everywhere. A cultural hotspot offers up an abundance of creative inspiration. I did “Taste in Germany” project about German culture and food. I always think, that design can give everything a possibility. Design is close to life. It 's very ordinary, but it can be amazing.

I also love colors, typography, nature, music, swimming, diving and travel.

2018 International Taiwan Postar, Love and Peace, Final List

2017 Taiwan International Student Design Competition, Final List

2017 Scholarschip Annual Scholarship for Design and Art in DAAD

2017 Logo Design, International Day of the Girl, Bronze Award 

2014 Character Design, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Excellent Work

2013 Bag Design Competition, ReUse, Gold Award

2012 Photography Competition, I prefer Scarf, Gold Award

2010 Short Movie Practical Box, Chunghwa POST, Excellent Work

2009 Photo Hide & Seed, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Excellent Work

2008 Creative Watchful Eyes, ORBIS International, Third Place

2006 Evergreen Ink Wash Painting Competition, Excellent Work

2006 Evergreen Sketch Competition, Excellent Work

2006 National Student Art Exhibition Chinese Calligraphy in Tainan, Gold Award

Apple macOS, Adobe Suite, Stop Motion, Sketch, Social Media, Sublime Text

Ministry of Education Teacher's Certificate, E-Learning Programm  

A Lifeguard, A Open Water Diver

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