Hello! I am Sih-Ying, Wu

I working on

Visual Graphic Design 

Corporate Identity,

Information Design,

Decoration Design

Accessories Design.

See my works and have fun! 

Lucky 3D - Cutting Sign Language - Universal.  Hot off Lucky! The inspiration is from fingers signs to different culture. Attract good luck in your life, please reach out your hand and play the sign language. Cut the sign language papers and put on the space. Make it all Lucky.  Show what you can do with a little imagination. Lucky sign!


Welcome to bubble-subway. Lovely to see you. Let us take a drink on the way. Bubble drink, which includes a special thing, is an art of food. You find out the motion graphic. It's not only an advertising, but also you know the story from another country. Invite your friends to share the news. Berlin U-Bahn windows show.

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